June 23, 2011

Its The Little Choices

I have notedthat with my training, and with anything that has a larger goal to it, its the so-called tiny decisions that make success or failure a reality.
With training, its the decisions to go out in the early morning, its the choice of snack, its the small micro decisions, which include how you talk about yourself, whether I am taking care of my sleep, what I snack on.  It takes a thousand micro decisions to achieve a monumental task. Discipline is a thousand assigned decisions focused on a larger goal.
My smaller decisions have included poorer ones lately, but my goals have been largely unfocussed with no races in sight until the fall and work keeping me so busy and focused.  


Kenley said...

I agree 110%. It's all of the littler choices that can make or break any kind of plan in a thousand pieces. Take care.

Chad said...

@ Kenley... I first noticed this at the gym when i was looking at all the big.ripped.'hardcore' guys. The cost of the acheivments was what eventually made me realize what one had to commit to to see gains. True to career, running now, family, marriage, faith...huh...ya Im thinking on this one... thanks for the feedback.

Chad said...

its also what directs your goals...it has shown to me what I am willing to make those micro decisions about around who I am and who i want to be. ... huh..