May 13, 2011

Revival of the Legs

Taking a leaf from all the inspiring movies I have ever watched, running perhaps is the most inspiring thing I have been involved in, save perhaps when I was in a play at the age of 29.  It clears the mind, lifts my spirit, makes me see things from a different perspective.  I have most of my bigger ideas, or creative moments whilst beyond my 3rd km.
I have run with my music blaring, my voice lifted up to Jesus, I have run with tears streaming, hashing through some pain I experienced, I have run with a carefree freedom like a little child.
RUnning is that to those who love it, the place to open up and let life happen at its edge.  
Perhaps its partially due to the mode the mind goes in from all the dopamine, perhaps its all the oxygen coursing, but being in the zone is really one of the greatest rewards.  I remember the zone during my first marathon.  I was listening to music and it had started to rain, rain drips hung from my hat brim, and I felt fan-freakin-tastic.  My legs were in a mode all their own, it was my training and my lifted spirit that was keeping me in such a great place.
Running is  gift.  My body, a gift.  This moment is a gift as is each moment hereafter.  Run on!  FI you are feeling discouraged or liek you will never make it to your goal, just look at the activity you did last and realize that it was all your gift carrying you, you heart pumping, your legs.  Keep plodding!  The goal will come with each choice.  Cheers!


Kenley said...

Again, a very motivating and captivating post from you. Thanks. Thanks for never leaving out Jesus! I know if ever I am having a bad running or bad day alltogether, I just wait for you to post something. Cheers.

Who needs RW magazine when Chad's Blog is right here for free. haha

Chad said...

Kenley, you do know how to encourage a guy. I hope you are running long and your best. You are welcome anytime with that kind of praise!