May 03, 2011

AHHH Sunny Days Are Here Again

Its A tellingfeature of summer whn you can get up and the sun is actually aobut to get up with you!  It has been much easier to get out on the road lately.  I got myself some new running shoes, New Balance 1080s.  So far I  think I like them, but since they are so new and my feet are sore from the outdone 883s I last had, time will tell.  I have 60 days trial through roadrunnersports to see if they are okay. They squeak though, with the orthotics in them!  Need to fix that.  My longest runs have been 15 k or so, I am finding joy in capping my distances lately and just enjoying the moments I can carve out.  Pulled out the tunes, too now that I dont have to think so much when on the road in the dark.
I noticed I likely scared eveeryone a couple of entries ago when I talked about Sex!  Haha!  hey man its life.  i hope it enlightened and helped motivate those who need a bit of reasoning behind getting out on the trails and roads.

A person at work has been asking me running advice, updating me on her runs, and this has been an unexpected encouragement!  She has rally caught the bug!  That is inspiring to me.

Mens Road Runner Sports Dryroad Elite Low 3PK, Color:White/Navy/Royal, M


Kenley said...

Yes, the sun is a nice thing to wake up with. I will even settle for cloudy skies, so long as I can see. Good luck breaking in the shoes. Hope that they work out for you. When I get a bit more time, I will check out that earlier post about sex. God Bless man.

Chad said...

Hey Kenley, I had a good sunny run this morning too, so great. Thought youd chime in ! :) They are squeaky! The shoes I mean not... the uh,... :D

frank said...

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