November 27, 2011

My Creative Edge

My bestand most brilliant ideas come from my runs.  When I am frazzled with a complex problem, or perhaps faced with a task in which I need my faculties with fresh ideas, I have found that running releases my mind to think more fluidly, allows form me to gestate on new ideas and see them through in my mind.  I have come up with great set lists for when  I am leading worship, I have thought of new approached to projects for work, I have thought through complicated cases in my practice as a counselor, all on a run.  Go out and get your brain flowing!


Kenley said...

I dont really think of anything too complex or work related when I am running, but I love getting some stress out. And I have noticed a big improvement of how I act and react at work because of my running. Take care.

Chad said...

Hey Kenley
I think it is creative to cope in different ways than you would have! Being able to solve a problem like stress at work in your workday is tough. Im not a killer, Im a runner!