December 08, 2011

Just 5 K? Nailed it.

Just 5 K.Meh. Those were my thoughts yesterday when I had set out for a good 10k.  It was windy, and my day was shorter than I needed it to be.  I cut the run in half, and felt this defeat hit me.  Stupid 5 k.  
Then that remarkable thing happened.  A memory of my first few weeks into my running life a few years ago.  I had no gear, just motivation to change.  k's, splits, negative splits, PRs, these were not in my vocabulary.  To run 5 km in those days, would have been the awesome conquering of life.  5 km in my life would be the ultimate victory.  I remember mapping how far I had gone, and realized "hey, that was 3 km!"  What a glorious feeling!  
And this 5 km.  Nailed it.  Got er done.  It was my conquer for the day.  Success, I realize is in the eyes of the process.  How far have you come?  Where are you going?  Do you feel defeated?  Wind against you?  Need to pull back?  Is your pullback what was once your miracle?  To someone just beginning, who is seeing that obstacle of the time ahead with both dread and wonder at their newest conquest, your "pullback" is an amazing inspiration.


Kenley said...

How far have I come? Well, Nearly 20 years ago, I ran a 4:38 mile to not running for about 15 years. I started running seriously in 09 (logging miles) Since then I have come from huffing and puffing with 13 min miles for 1-2 miles to running a 2:13 half marathon. Where am I going? I one day hope to run a sub 3 hour marathon and a 1:30 sub half Marathon respectively. In 2013 I hope to do the Bataan Death March Ultra in the Philippines. That is my life time goal for ultras. I choose that because it starts out in my wife's home town and it is important to me. Do I feel defeated? lol, A lot of the time, yes, like why can I not get any faster, but it's all about how you can handle Defeat and push it aside and do what you have to do. Wind against you? Sometimes. Need to pull back? A lot of times, just like in your post, If I pull back for a few days, and think back to where I came from, a few days later, I find myself running strnger than ever. Is your pullback what was once your miracle? Yes, Indeed, and that's an understatement. Take care man, and God Bless you and your family!

Chad said...

Hey Kenley! I ttotally appreciate your goal! Yes, my pull back is some people's miracle and I must remind myself that when i, like so many runners, am feeling like a defeat is coming. You have quite the ambition!