September 04, 2011

My New Garmin

Trainingfor the fall marathon, and life has been intense.  Got myself a Garmin 405, which was a gift from my beautiful wife and a bunch of my loved ones around me. This has changed my running thought processes.  Now I am intent on a certain pace at an accurate interval of distance.  It's is very helpful to see how fast or slow I am at any given moment during the long run.  It is very high tech, more than what one would generally need as a runner, but I am enjoying the discovery of it!
My training has been fairly good, I had to make some quick decisions while away on vacation to get my mileage ready for the marathon, so I rushed it a tad over the 10% rule. SO far, so good.  My weekly mileage is not great, I only averaged 60 k this last week and less on other weeks.  I just don't have the time lately. If I get up any earlier I will be falling asleep at the wheel on my 1.5 hr commute.  5k is all I can manage some mornings.
I will be running the Kelowna Marathon from BMO.  It is my third time, first time being the half.  Yesterday I had my long run, 33.5 k in 2 hours 50 minutes.  It was brutal.  I had run 10 k the day before, which may have affected my longevity.  WEll that is about it for now.  More to come!


Raina said...

Hi! Just found your blog - looks great!

Not sure what marathon you are training for, but see that you listed your workout in Ks.. the 10% rule is junk in my opinion .. Soemtimes you can break it and other times not. I think the trick is to gain some miles and hold it there for 3 weeks or so before building again. Daniels recommends 10 miles every third week.

Have a great day!

Chad said...

HEy Raina! I have tied to abide by that rule, just as a way to keep from being injured, but I have been good so far, my hips are not as sore as last marathon last year. The marathon will be in Kelowna, BC, Canada. It is the only one I have run, due to distance :) That is a steep amount for increasing, maybe it would work though, considering you would let it hold for more than a week. I would need some good stretching and recovery.
Thanks for the post!

Kenley said...

Training for a marathon and juggling life can be all together brutal. when is the marathon? As far as the 10% thing, I think its a good guide, but not an end to all rule. Sometimes, Life happens. Glad to see you moving. Take care.

Chad said...

HEy Kenley! thanks for the encouragement. My marathon will be October 9th (thx giving in Canada).
So far so good, I am stiff the day of my long run but it gets better.
I am finding the long runs really need to get into your psyche as a regiment just mentally!