March 07, 2011


I have beguna program to start strengthening my core.  at hundred there is a program I am trying.  First thing to do is to test how many pushups in a row you can do in good form.  I did 24.  Next day, i started the program.  3X per week, I am training.  Gotta say, yesterday being my first session, I am SORE.
More to come on that.  I am also starting some plank exercises to strengthen my abs. 
I gotta say, I do love a good set of visible abdominal muscles for just the asthetics of shirtlessness.  Unfortunately, it lays for me underneath a layer of flab!  This has a lot to do with my gene pool I climb out of, but I am not merely looking for the showiness of the squares on my stomach, I am looking to help my form remain pure through this pursuit of a sub 40 minute 10 k.  My long runs have caused my core to show their true weaknesses and as much as I have resisted, I am hoping to tackle this as a complete plan for speeding up without getting injured.   I will also be employing the Wii Fit yoga poses to make it more fun, and to encourage my kids to participate.
So more to come on that too!

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