January 09, 2011

Running And Prayer

For those daysI have specific concerns, needs, stress, worries or just need to unload some things in my heart, running becomes that intimate place that I can connect with God.  Im no spiritual wonder kin.  Im just a guy who lives God and who has committed his life to more than just the daily grind,,like  getting my piece of the pie.  Running itself lends itself to working things out physically.   However, it is my prayer life, my walk with God that enhances my running.  He has changed my life so  radically.  That relationship changes everything on my runs; my mind focuses, my heart reaches out and I find God there waiting for me to focus on Him.  
Prayer and running, especially my longer runs, become a rhythm to pace my heart to a different beat.
Yesterday the Father brought some people to mind who need prayer, and some who I need to forgive.  Today this impression was repeated in a sermon from my friend; forgiveness is key to growing, to being free personally and relationally.  I am glad I was able to hear it before today's worship service.
Prayer is not complicated.  We are made to pray, to reach out to our Creator.  We do it whether we mean to or not.  You may want to try it on your next run.  Just being thankful and saying thank you and then asking questions is a great start.  These were some of my first prayers.  Are you out there?  Could you show me?  Thanks for my family, my life! 
The endorphins alone are a great reason to run, but my prayer life just naturally seeps into my meditative exercise regime.


The Thief/Rev. Run said...

I pray when I'm running, too. I'm pretty ADD, so my prayers bounce around a lot, but sometimes I will focus on one certain request (such as praying for each member of my family for a mile each).

One of the great things about praying while running is that the rest of the day's to-do list doesn't ever get in the way.

Kenley said...

I believe that prayer is very important and crucial to every aspect of the day. Pray with out ceasing. Running just happens to be one of those things were it's easy to find the time, esp during a long run, to talk with God. Thanks for sharing man.

Chad said...

Thanks guys. I love that ADD comment Thief! Very true. I feel that what ever is in my heart will bubble up right away, and then God will help me sort it out and give it to him. I had a bad time getting to sleep last nite, ended up getting up to pray, felt like I didnt get very far, but got some nuggets to focus my heart on. different postures.
Today I will perhaps get something out of my run in break though. Actually, just now I took the 'phone a friend" option and we prayed together after realizing we both had trouble sleeping. That lifted my heart quite a lot.

Bob (Downtown Runner) said...

Good post Chad. I too find my time on the road often turns into my time with God as well.

For me, when the ADD doesn't get in the way, often weariness does. But on the road there is (relatively) fresh air and no place to rest my head!

Maybe its just coincidence or I didn't notice before but there are more and more runners at my church these days. It encouraging for so many reasons.

Keep up the blogging and running!