January 01, 2011

Blood Alcohol Content and the Transforming Runner

For Happy New Year, for those who are finding the festivities, you may be wondering how alcohol works for your transforming body.  What do I mean?  Many who have been running, and their bodies getting fit, their amounts of enjoying the holiday cheer might need a little revisit.
When thinking about how much drink get you drunk, there is no other way to figure it out than these charts.
As you may notice, for those who are losing body weight, it takes less alcohol to get the same BAC as before!
What it means is for my 155 lb frame, is that whereas before it would take 4 servings of alcohol to get me over .08 , now it only takes me 3!  Although some would regret this, for those optimists, it means it just takes less to get there!


Greg said...

Good Information Thanks Chad!

Chad said...

Thanks Greg! Some people mourn their inability to pound them back like they use to, but I see it as a victory for frugal people everywhere!

Kenley said...

That is some awesome information Chad. I only drank one beer last year. lol. I don't think I need worry about how much. But it's awesome to know that it will take less to be feeling warm I guess. Take care and Happy New Years bud.

Chad said...

hey kenley
one beer!, well that is probably for the best. Im not partial to beer myself. Happy New Year!

Katherine Josh said...
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