January 24, 2011

Euphoric Long Run

Just got back from my long run.  I ran 18.3 k (11.8 miles) at 1:43:48 (5:40 km pace).  Just a personal note that I have been running shorter distances, and not felt terrific during, but accomplished.  When i get into a longer run, its not until perhaps the 8 or 9th km that I get into my rhythm and feel truly in a groove.  
Just sayin.


john said...

Thats awesome you're keeping in good shape Chad. i have started running as well, doing three half marathons this year, did one last year in Seattle, and love it!!! keep on keeping on:)

Chad said...
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Chad said...

Hey John! Thanks for joining us and for the encouragement!
Its been along and satisfying trek. If you go back thorough older posts, you will find more of the story, how it started, etc.! Cheers!

Chad said...

Oh and of course congrats on the accompllishments with the half marathons! That is such a great distance, very ideal! Seattle, was that the rock n roll one?