February 02, 2011


No ipodhas been on my self for a few months now!  WIth winter being too cold to keep my battery functioning for more than half a song, I gave up.  Also, being aware of my surroundings (such as the stalking wildlife around me) has been important in the darker times of the day that I run.
But no matter!  I have the built in ipod in my own little skull.  Seriously.  I am haunted by songs.  Some of them are great. Some not so much.  
A song wil take form with my rhythm of pace.  Da da da dada Doooooooooooooo!  Then it will haunt me.  Trying to shift channels when you are trying to get away from a tune for me is like repeating "dont think of rabbits".  Guess what I imagine?  A ten foot rabbit.

"Uptown girl" by Billy Joel has been haunting me, lately.  Seriously.  Its got this rhythm that I cant stop but to sing it through in my head to the pace of my running!
What songs haunt you? 


Evolving Through Running said...

Typically none, but now .... Uptown Girl. You've passed on the curse.

For a while there I couldn't get the intro to Coldplay's 'Viva La Vida' out of my head, which wasn't helped by the fact it was played endlessly on the radio. Something about the pace of the song matched my running pace, and wouldn't leave my brain.

Chad said...

HA! See? I knew it.
Thanks for that!

The Thief/Rev. Run said...

There are a few praise song lyrics that float through my head these days. But when I was in 7th grade, it was the Cars' "Drive" - a slow song that somehow wormed its way into my subconscious mind.

Oh, and I hold my iPod in my hand inside my glove on these cold days.

Chad said...

Hey Rev,
Yesterday it was lady gaga for me...that was a tad unsettling.
Bad Romance.
My pod is full sized, I have tried under clothes, but it doesnt keep warm. IT is okay though there are other reasons not to use it in the winter/dark. Good idea for when i borrow my daughter's little one though!
You didnt say which one you recently had stuck in your head!