July 13, 2011

Lock, Frock and Mock(ing bird)

Weirdest workout finding:I was running along and found, within twenty feet of each other, three items.  Help me form the scenario with them from the previous Saturday night. 
Found:  One pair of broken flip flops, one dead bird, one ...what appeared to be... long black dread lock severed from a person's head. 

Exactly.  I was confounded by those three items. 
Have you ever seen odd items while running?
They were found close to the local hospital.


Kenley said...

Hmmmmm, sounds very weird. I would call CSI perhaps? Maybe the dreadlock thing was part of the birds nest, but that doesn't explain the flip flop. Maybe some one killed the bird with the flip flop, but that doesn't explain the dreadlock thing. Or maybe the dreadlock strangled the bird? Oh well, Run on!! lol

Chad said...

good theory. Weird, one dread lock just sitting there. One dead bird. I imagine it flying into someones hair.