February 25, 2011


Had quite a few reasons to feel low yesterday.  Started to run, but it was cold, so I turned around and came back inside.  Came home early after a long day discovering a few things that were discouraging.  Eventually I forced myself to go for a run.  This was a 'shake it off' kind of event.  The run had stiff cold wind in the face  the first half.  It was time to clear the head and get some inspiration.  I have much to be thankful for.  I was pretty glum all day, but as i ran, God began to speak to my heart.  "I am able" he kept repeating to my heart."you can and will make it" he said to me.  By the end of the run, I felt like I could face some things I was dreading.  Sometimes the run is my hotline to sanity!  And there was much to be thankful for when i got back, including my beautiful and supportive wife and children to hang out with and my worship team which I had scheduled a practice with where the music hit me right between the eyes that I have a BiG God who loves me and is able to meet all my needs.
Today is a new day and new possibilities arise with the sun!

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