April 03, 2011

Hiccups and Haitus

Disneylandwas my mileage for over a week.  By the end of my time there, in which I had not gone on an official run.  I did however, cover a lot of turf, concrete turf.
I felt so exhausted by the end, going from early morn to late night, and got sick by the end.  So I have been taking it easy from my regime.  Picking it up again tomorrow.  I am looking forward to this next week getting back out on the trail.


Kenley said...

Hope you had a blast, which I am more than sure you did. I can't get enough of that video, BTW. Run Run Run!

pam said...
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Chad said...

Thanks Kenley, great to hear from you!
We did. I measured. It is exactly 1 km from our room across form the park to downtown disney where I was sent running one day (and walk/ran many other times in the park too!) at Rainforest Cafe Restaurant. HAHAHA! Its a far ways to trek numerous times! Is it a daily mile entry???

MOre video to come, it was fun!