March 19, 2012

work work run

This lastfew months has seen me change work again and again.  I now have more work hours than I have worked in ... well ever!  This creates a different fatigue.  I want to sleep more, but stay up later.  I am studying as well and now in my life it is more important than it ever has been to keep running.  I admit my mileage has been waning.  I am still getting out there, but 30 km per week is getting tough, and I usually like going beyond that.  
With the latest job on the go, I am hoping I can now start looking long term and stop transitioning so often.  This being said, I want to carve off my running in the morning againas the sunshine becomes part of the wee morning hours.
Still not sure if I will do a spring race.  I will not be setting any PR's, that is certain.  I feel slower than I have ever been, to be honest.  Am I declining with age? 

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