March 07, 2012

rest or run

My scheduleas of late has been bonkers, reading and writing for my masters degree.  Perhaps you relate, but being up until late and trying to fit in a run in the morning becomes problematic.  To rest as you need it to function well or to run to take care of stress and get the blood flowing, that is the dilemma.  I am trying to squeeze in at least 30 km per week to keep fitness levels, and sanity.  The number looms over me, making me dread my running lately.  The joy for me is sucked out from obligation, I respond poorly to obligation, you see.  Ill do it, but you cannot make me like it as much!  That being said, I never regret a run.  What I do realize is that I may get stuck in my agenda, my to do list as I run, trying to figure out my day, my problems.  What I love about running is that it forces me to think about these things and gain back some perspective.  Rest can be good for recovery, for avoiding burnout, but it must not be confused with neglect of taking care of yourself and making up excuses is not doing that! 

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