September 19, 2010

37 on my 37th

Training Has brought me to my 37th birthday.  I will be running probably more than 37 today or tomorrow. :D  Just thought that was a neat number for some reason.
I am finding getting out before 6 am quite challenging, because of how tired I am for the rest of the day after my long runs.  Does anyone else get wiped?  I really cannot justify too many 3 hour plus chunks during the day away from the family on my days off.  I only have a couple left, then tapering will commence.  So crazy to think after all this training for one marathon, its almost here!


Ewen said...

Happy birthday Chad. Lucky it's not your 68th birthday ;) 37k is plenty far enough!

Chad said...

TOTALLY lucky Im not older! I did well, got the best time yet! 2:56 at 4:45 pace. Im pretty happy with it, and hopefully I can keep it up or the marathon coming up.