September 19, 2010

Terry Fox Run Day, is also My Birthday!

Sept 19th is my birthday.  It is also Terry Fox Run day, the 30th annual.  Terry Fox is a hero to Canadians, who after losing a leg to bone cancer, he set out to raise money and awareness for cancer research by running across Canada.  He died on the way, in Ontario Canada in 1981 after completing for 3,390 miles (5,373 km).  Daily, he would set out and run the length of a full marathon, The Marathon Of Hope, which is was called.  
I was 7 years old when he died, and I have always felt, as many Canadians do, a connection with this person, this hero.  He did what was unheard of, and connected a face to a horrible disease, giving his life to make a difference.  I have felt a connection to running from a young age and he was one of the reasons.  Assemblies each year, along with a Terry Fox run made us all aware of his heroism.  
I have been to his monument Near Thunder Bay, Ontario.  I also had a chance to meet the actor who played him in 1983, Eric Fryer, who I will look for my picture I got with him to post if   I can find it!  As a kid that was a thrill!
If you have a chance, think about whom you have lost to cancer, about Terry Fox, and about the changes you can make my just getting out and being healthy while you are training!  Happy Terry Fox Run day!


Forward Foot Strides said...

Happy Birthday!

What a inspiration Terry is, it felt good to do the run today.

Chad said...

Hey FFS!
Hope it was great!

Johann said...

Sorry I'm a bit late but Happy Birthday! We have a Terry Fox Memorial race her in South Africa as well. My brother in law died of cancer on 1 January 2009. I'm planning some cancer charity run myself.

Chad said...

OH wow, its incredibly impactfula dn personal when you are close to someone who succumbs to this horrible disease.
hope you do well!

zbsports said...

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