July 20, 2010

Updates, Dogs and general babbling

Summerhas finally hit. I am very glad about this.  I have discovered the joy on not searching for my shirt, rather, going without!  SHucking the shirt early in the morning means less laundry, and it feels great, although, I wouldnt do this if I was running in a really public place.  Too much too soon. :)  My hip woes have changed, and I am astill on top of my glutes.  The stiff/tight feeling has now moved to the other side for some reason.  It's the phantom menace!  I good massage the other day really helped.  I was at the beach and really sore. I grabbed the roundest thing I could find that resembled my foam roller and started rolling on it.  Pam, my wife says I looked like a dog in heat, humping the ground.  I did, actually think this hen I saw the guy on Youtube demonstrate it.  Oddly erotic.  So a subtle shift in angle and I no longer looked like I was in heat at the beach.  It seemed to work, as my hip has felt much better. 

I am getting excited about the SKaha Lake route I have been preparing for, and training has been gradually gettnig me there, I figure I can do it next week.

I had a dog charge at me as it escaped from its master;s front door.  The dog wasn't quite what scared me, it was the owner!  She was screaming like I was just about to be attacked by Cujo!  The dog approached me, and in my head I actually though, "which part of me do Offer the dog first as it bites?"  I chose my ankle for some instinctive reason.  It didn't bite.  But it really startled me.  The lady's ook alone was enough to make you think about your life ending.  Wish i had a camera.  I'd offer the dog the camera. Well I wish I had my friend, Jeremy's camera.  I like my camera.

On my personal job font, I have my resume out there and have had one interview for a part time job.  My faith in God's provision and guidance is keeping me safe.  It can keep me from insomnia, which has happened in the past when I have worried.  So far so good.  I have a lovely family, beautiful new home which we just purchased in May and a terrific community to hang out in.  I have realized that worry is a form of meditation too, its a spiritual practice just as reading the Bible, or praying.  If I take my mind and focus it on my God, push my stress into good things like exercise and wait on the Lord to speak and lift me up, I have much less worry out of control.  It has taken me a long time to figure this out ,but better late than never.

I am trying to get the energy to go on a couple of my routes to take some pictures to post, just to show how beautiful it is here in the Okanagan.  Really, if you are ever looking for a decent place to get R and R, this is it.  No Canada is not all Tundra and igloos.  Where i live, it is considered a desert, able to sustain a thriving wine industry, wining accolades from all over the green earth.

Well thats my bit.


The Thief said...

It's been so hot here the only time I wear a shirt to run is when I go for my long run - then it's only so the Camelbak won't chafe. I don't care who sees me... they do get a laugh when they see me early on Sunday morning running shirtless and then later, wearing my clergy robe...

Chad said...

HA! Rock on buddy!
I did have my ipod arm strap chaff me for the first time yesterday on my 27 km run.
I was wearing a sleevless compression shirt ( so as not to get sore nips :) )

The Thief/Rev. Run said...

I carry my ipod in my hand; I can't handle having it on my arm that long!

Chad said...

I cant carry things in my hand while running, it annoys me!