July 11, 2010

Running Through Transition

Worked on Hillsover a week ago and now am having the times of my life!  I have started the summer and as I work at schools, I am on EI.  Unfortunately, there seems to be a closed door now as my contracted money has been cut and it looks like I will be looking for work.  What does this have to do with my running?  Well a lot as I think it has been affecting my times.  it is depressing knowing your job is ending.  Yet I need running now more than ever!   I will continue my goals  and keep praying for direction and passion.  Honestly, I have had a full year of tragedy and transition.  I beleive the Lord is pulling me forward.  Yet I feel tired and frustrated.  I have some dreams I would like fulfilled, and I hope I can run consistently for the next few months as I do  professionally as well.

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