August 02, 2010

Road Runner Sports

Well, Time to get my new shoes.I want to put this out there, get your new equipment for running or whatever at the best price you can.  I am not thrilled with paying full price for anything.  Click here to get started with your new order.  Customer service is great, you get a month to try the shoes you purchase out and then can return them if you want to for any reason!
  What a great way to treat us, especially if you are trying out a new brand or style, which is always a little risky or a serious runner!

Check it out.
And, no, I am not on staff with them.  :)  BUT click on this and I will get a little kick back for referring successfully!  Another example of my frugility.


Kenley said...

A whole month to try it out and you can return product? That is awesome. No running store would let you do that I don't think. Thanks for the info.

Chad said...

Youre welcome, and I know, right? They are pretty fast too. I just bought some of my shoes ofr 25% off, as they have deals that come every year, too. Saved 30 on top of the fact that I bought them in AMerica, which saved me the duty (another 20 bucks probably.!