December 24, 2010

Post Marathon Pounds and Ho Ho Ho Lotta Work Ahead!

I don't really weighmyself very much,  we dont even own a scale!  When I was trying to get fit 4 years ago, I used the Wii Fit to calculate my numbers progress probably once a week or two.  Well, yesterday I was challenged to weigh myself at my mother's house.  I knew I had gained some weight as I have been slipping into eating more lately with second helpings and stress related eating with my new job. Also, to keep awake in the car for m y long commute, I snack!  That coupled with struggling to get my mileage in , blah blah blah I knew I would have gone up in weight.  YUP.  There was the number.  It is just a number , but is also a good reminder that my 37 year old body cannot keep scarfing down everything my eyes see!
Holidays begin now for me, but in actuality they began a month ago with baking available, work goodies sitting out waiting and parties to attend.  Did I mention I am a stress eater?  Well I am.
So I have about 10 pounds to work on over the winter/spring which is not too difficult, it has more to do with reasonable changes and enjoying myself.  That weight is the most healthy I feel, but its just a number and my health is more important as is enjoying myself when time calls for it.  Like tomorrow, turkey stuffing and ambrosia, you have met your match.  But only one serving. 
What are some of your vices you need to keep a lid on?  Lets rally and commiserate. 
My top ten favorite foods I need to keep tabs on:
  1. Turtles
  2. Turkey/ fixins
  3. gingerbread cookies
  4. ambrosia
  5. stuffing
  6. perogies ( I ate about 10 the other day!)
  7. caramel chocolate from the Pot O Golds
  8. eggnog
  9. eggnog lattes
  10. wine


Greg said...

Top 10 snacky things...

1. Coffee with sugar/honey (not limiting myself to 2 cups/day or 1 sugar.
2. Chips
3. Candies (ever present here)
4. pretzels
5. Cookies
6. Popcorn
7. Apple slices (a healthy one)
8. Sunflower seeds
9. yogurt
10. chocolate chips

OK, I liked a couple in this list, I'd like to choose those more often. Thanks for the thought exercise Chad.

Chad said...

LOL!nice snackage.