December 18, 2010

Top Ten Stocking Stuffers For Runners

With Christmas right around the corner, I thought i would send out some gift ideas to those who are puzzled as to what to buy that guy or gal who has taken up running!
 Important to this writer is affordable stocking stuffers.  Unless you are impervious to the economy's conservative deffect, sticking a bunch of tiny big ticket items in a stocking is a bit ridiculous.
  1. Runner's World Magazine (I love getting something to flip through for the post-present opening daze.
  2. Running Gloves/skull cap
  3. Gu gels/Hammer gels
  4. Running socks (they will always go missing each year, perfect gift)
  5. Runner's ipod strap
  6. Reflector for night running
  7. Headlamp
  8. Running watch
  9. Neck protector for cold weather
  10. Book on Running or marathon(i.e. Chi Running, Born To Run)
  11. Road ID bracelet 
Okay, I just added an eleventh...sue me, but I thought of this as I need this one.  If Road ID is reading this, I am open to being sent samples :)


    Anonymous said...

    bear spray
    rub a535
    chiropractic gift certificates

    Ewen said...

    Bear spray? There aren't any bears down here!

    Agree about the running socks - love my light-weight Thorlos. Running Times magazine is a good one too.

    Chad said...

    At anonymous chiropractor: your ideas seem a tad slanted towards sloths. :)

    @ ewen. Bears no but cougars, yes. One look at my wife can attest to that. :)

    Anonymous said...

    Cougars frequent rd. 8-20

    Chad said...

    I actually have been thinking about it. Over and above books, I think a road ID bracelet is a good gift too. I have no ID and realize how foolish this is in case of an emergency!

    The Thief/Rev. Run said...

    My "ID" is written on the back of my iPod. Not good, if the first one to find me happens to be dishonest. ;-)

    And I'll take the chiropractor gift certificates, Body Glide, and BioFreeze.

    I'm asking for a hand-held water bottle.

    Chad said...

    Hey thief, what is BioFreeze? Wait Ill google it..... :) ya, re the ipod, you wake up daZED, HEAD POUNDING and one ipod short. Hmmmm. That Chiropractor gift cert suggestion was made by my chiropractor, if my guess is correct. LOL. Im serious. We are friends.

    m_marie said...

    I think the 11th add on was a good one!!! Road ID's are a smart investment for a stocking stuff for someone you love!!!

    Patrick said...

    The Road ID is a good addition to the list. I generally don't have ID with me when I run. My wife has suggested I get one.

    Chad said...

    I thought after this that a suggestion is to tape the info until then on your watch on the underneath side. I would probably neglect to wear it.