December 17, 2010

Crunchy New Snow Running

Dark morningswith fresh snow give me a chance to take in a bit of Christmas cheer!  I love the sounds of fresh snow, the sparkle when under street lamps, how when snow gathers on the finest of branches.  It feels like a wedding veil on the earth!
I only went 5 k today, but it was well enjoyed.  I kept under the light of the street lamps locally and thus can get my head into other things than hazards.  I did a bit of stretching my buttock as its been stiff especially in the morning.  Feels good all around.  Came home to our new house all decked out in Christmas cheer. 
Happy Christmas Season!


Johann said...

Sounds awesome! We have Christmas mid summer so I can only imagine what you experience. We also don't get snow.

Chad said...

It certainly can be beautiful, and changes your whole experience. It owuld be nice to not have to worry about slush and ice and wind.
Sun and warmth would be a nice break mid winter for sure!