October 19, 2010

A Week Of Minimal Running

I am commuting3 hours a day for my new position.  It is fall.  This is going to be a challenge for my running regiment.  Its dark when I get up, dark when I get home.   Hmmm. 
My headlamp needs new batteries.  Beyond this, I know I will get into that groove.

Any advice for a commuter?  For dark running?  

I am glad to be taking a week of minimal running after the marathon to gather my game plan.  It has been a crazy schedule lately!  


Unknown said...

That's great that you want to keep your running as a priority, and I am sure that you will find a routine that works for you.

If possible you may want to get a run in at lunchtime as a break in the evening. Another good option is running before work, which will depend on how early you are prepared to rise. I'm usually out by 5am, but to allow for this I'm in bed by 9pm!

As for running in the dark, I wrote a blog posting all about this which may help you:

Best of luck with this,

Brian Vinson said...

I've been blessed with no commute, but I still get up early for my runs. I run out in the country, and I like best running by moonlight, but I often use my iPod as a flashlight. :-) I sometimes wear a headlamp (my wife "put it away" somewhere and I have yet to find it this season). Andy's link about headlamps is very helpful.

Chad said...

YOu know what it is in the dark now, we have had cougar issues last couple of years and it is unnnerving to go out when they are preying! I ususally like he early run too. This would be earlier than I am used to! I will look that blog up thanks fella!
I have run through the winter for almost for years now, through now n sleet through winds and darkness, NOTHING WILL KEEP ME FROM MY 10 k!
*queue lightening and maniacal laughter.*

Chad said...

OH and the lunchtime thing would be great, but I have no access to showers after!

Patrick said...

I have to run in the dark now as well as my choice is to get up a 5 and run before work or run home from work at 5.

I find it hard to stay motivated but with a young child at home it is the only time I can go so I guess that is my motivation to keep running in the dark during the fall and winter.

m_marie said...

well... let me just say that i too have no access to showers after... but with the weather being cooler.... I dont get too stinky after running. BUT- i bring those cottonelle wipes ( or any kind really) and i just wipe down after my lunch runs, deodorant, and i have my face wash.... and i have never once smelled funky or had a complaint from coworkers :)