October 11, 2010

Marathon Complete, Chad Satisfied

Monumentallysatisfying.  Emotionally charged.  Exhausting.  Full of musical interludes.  Proud.  
All words to describe the last 24 hours.  The race was flat, there were 800 participants in the full marathon.  1800 in the half.  
As we queued for the first wave to be started for the full, it began raining. Drizzling really.  I was worried only about my daughters Ipod which I borrowed for the race, but it was a fantastic and warm morning for a run.  I had a pace bunny for 3:30:00.  He was helpful for the first 4 km, but as we kept going, I felt that the pace, at exactly 5 minutes was too slow for how I trained.  My training was also very hilly comparatively, so I felt this would be to my advantage.  My best time was between 1:07:00 and 109:00 for the first 14 km.  I hit that mark pretty much dead on.
My pace remained at 4:45 per km approximately.  Toughest part was the last 5 km.  I didnt know it could be that intense to want to just end it.  THE WALL!  People who were ahead of me were stopping to walk.  But I was  not going to let my body tell me what to do.  Legs were dead, but my spirit was engaged!  I took a total of about 5 GUs!
The last three km were intense, slowing down to as slow as 5:20 for km 39.
It is amazing what the last 150 meters of the finish line do to me!  I just picked everything up and practically sprinted!  I knew that was a bit more than my bod could handle when I dry heaved after stopping.

Songs that got me through the tough times...

Michael jackson :   
  • Wanna be startin somethin
  • Thriller!
Ash Koley -  
  • DontLet Your Feet Touch Ground
U2 -  
  • Sometimes You Cant Make It On Your Own
  •  Yahweh
  • Walk On 
Chris Tomlin
  • God of Thsi City
  • My Deliverer
  • Your Grace Is Enough
Steven Curtis Chapman
  • SPring Is Coming
  • Beauty Will Rise
  • I will Trust You

 My Time For Finishing: 3:27:57  

Me N the Kiddies, Marathon, 75 bucks, for everything else, there is mastercard (as my youngest is advertizing)

My bud Jer

Im on a huge inflatable shoe.

One last note.  I found out my friends lost their daughter to meningitis the morning of the race, so it was emotional at times as I had time to think about little Grace who fought so hard, and the family who loved her into the Kingdom of God to Jesus' arms.  Rest well.  I am heartbroken for a family who life seems to have thrown a devastating blow to.  Praying for you guys.  I thought of my father who LOVED children and how he was probably there welcoming her to the throne room and scooping her up whenever he got a chance.


Evolving Through Running said...

Great job with the race. Killer time!!

Very sorry to hear about your friends' daughter.

Chad said...

Thanks ! I am thoroughly enjoying rest right now. :) Grace was a good and beautiful little fighter. 11 brain surgeries in her short life, and impacted everyone around her, and will for a long long time.

Forward Foot Strides said...

Congrats on a great race! I'm sorry to hear about your friend's daughter.

Chad said...

Thanks Forward! It was such an incredible experience. I am stiff today!!!

Ewen said...

Well done Chad. That's a fine time for your first marathon. You held it together pretty well over the closing stages. Take care with the recovery.

Chad said...

THanks, Ewen! It was a great experience, ill definately do it again and again.
Ill have to post my splits as I figure out how to look them up on my watch.

Kenley said...

A big big Congratulations to you on your Marathon Chad! That was a rocking time. I should start paying attention to your training notes more often. I was thinking about bringing my mp3 player but changed my mind at the last second as to just go with the flow. At mile 23, I wished I had it, as all I heard was "You're almost there" which was a bunch of crap. I am currently experimenting with audiofuel and the BPM thing. Will post on it soon. I will also be hosting a giveaway later this week, so don't miss out on that. Again, Congratulations on your Marathon. Looks like you had a pretty nice support crew yourself man. God Bless and keep on running the race!

Chad said...

Thanks so much, Kenley. I am satisfied! I am trying to get into a good groove for the winter, but its been a struggle in motivation and opportunity. I am not too worried as we all need ebbs and flows in our pursuits. I look forward to the next flow, but will continue to work on my fitness maintenance. Cheers!