November 27, 2010

Let ME Hear Your BODY TALK!

 He came he saw he kicked ass at the marathon.Then he rested.  This fall and now winter, I have seen a major decrease in my running mileage.  Usually I just plug away through this part of the year.  Much of it is because I have found it hard to get out at 530 or earlier.  Like, falling asleep on my WAY to work kind of difficulties.  It could have something to do with me staying up to watch the new show we love called FRINGE This week I stopped altogether because I felt my butt tighten in the piriformis, but I am not hobbling around, so I am giving myself much massage stretching and rest to prevent a full blown injury.  
It is frustrating but a part of me is finding a bit of relief in just letting it be.  Sometimes your body talks, as Olivia Newton John sang in the eigthies.  LET ME HEAR YOUR BODY TALK!
Rest is not inactive.  It is a discipline in itself.   Perhaps lately God is speaking to more than my body.  I am in an intense new position for  my career, as a mental health clinician and it requires all of my brain and heart and my spirit.  I come home just bagged, drowsy even as I drive home on the longest commute I have ever driven.  3 hours a day I listen to audio books, reflect on my day, my caseload, my family and pray and worship in my little blue car.
I am resting and now my mind is starting to look forward to the next run when its time.  I think this is a good thing.  What is your body telling you?


Anonymous said...

My body is telling me that is wants a biscuit.

Chad said...

Thanks doc, me too. ;)

Kenley said...

Very Good post Chad. Though my Marathon time was not as stellar as yours, Since that day about 30 days ago, I have been declining in my mileage. And...I love it. I love the rest. My times have actually improved a lot though. Audio Books - SInce I am a driver, I listen to them 8-10 hours a day. Into Orson Scott Card now. Take care, and God BLess! From my family to yours Merry CHRISTmas!

Chad said...

Thanks Kenley!
My piriformis has been grumpy in the mornings lately, so i am trying to give it some good ol softball time, and run when its in better condition, with the whole Chi run in my mind. SO far, no hobbling!
I listen to Harry Potter on my looong ommute as well as podcasts such as Bethel Church sermons and IHOP (International House of Prayer). SOme really great stuff. Also just bought the new Chris Tomlin CD