August 20, 2010

9 km in Victoria

A Little R and R and R.Rest Relaxation and Running!  Went on a scenic run in the downtown of Victoria with my buddy Jeremy.  He had a route he liked and we did it after a long day of exploring the island with our combined families (six kids!).
WE reached a 4 minute km at one point, but our slow start made it over a 5 min average.  I am not normally pushing my times as I am trying to avoid injury before the marathon.  So far so good.  I notice it takes about 4 km to get my wind and hips loosened. The longer distance is pushing my body beyond the boundaries of what I am used to, so this is a new realm for me!


Kenley said...

It is always good to get out with a fellow runner here and there. The longer distances are something else. It is new for me as well, so easy does it. Take care and I love the new look on your site man. Very cool!

Chad said...

HEy Kenley, ya, I went a couple of times with him and I always end up running faster than usual. Thanks re: the site, I was needing a change!