August 26, 2010

Victoria Vacation and Gearing Up For Marathon

Okay, sothis week being on the island (Vancouver Island, SO BEAUTIFUL!), I was keeping in plan with my training that I would step back slightly for recoup reasons.  I ran 24 km yesterday instead of beyond 30 (20 miles) for my longer run and all week has been shy of my usual 10 km treks.  
This week I will amp it up again to the beyond 30's and continue until taper time.
Rest, Relaxation and Restoration.  I felt all three this week as I spent time with my wife, three kids and good friends of ours and their kids.  Out every morning early with my buddy not for a run(which happened later in the day) but to Starbucks for Java and quiet coffee time.  It was too great.  Lots of hiking and exploring the ocean shores of Victoria  and surrounding area.  


Ewen said...

We loved Vancouver Island when we were there in '03. Saw plenty of seals from the coffee shop on the point in Victoria.

Looks like you had a great holiday. Hope the marathon training continues to go well.

Chad said...

Hey Ewen! Thanks, Yes it was our second time there in a row, so we were able to explore the outskirts of Victoria more!
It going really well for the training. Cheers!

Kenley said...

What a beautiful place! Yes, I can tell you look very relaxed. Hey, weren't you on a no caffeine regiment a while back? I have certainly cut back. When is the marathon? I will have to vacation there some day I think. Take it easy. God Bless my friend.

Chad said...

I WAS on a caffeine free regime. However, that ended. Ilike stimulants too much. :)
I will be doing a my first ever marathon mid Oct in Kelowna. i did the half last year.