July 28, 2010


My little girlasked if she could go with me the other day on a run.  I was so blessed to hear her express interest in what I do!  I reemmber back in the day, going iwth my own father on a run.  Not many, mind you, but that memry sticks with me.  Im sure i was slow and not the ultimate running partner when I was 6, but I was thrilled to see where my dad went when he geared up and went out!  Later in life, I would join him on runs and it was a very special memory.
We ran 1 km approximately, with a couple of decent walk breaks.  She was such a trouper!  That positive impact on fitness and running and our time together I pray will have life-long heritage for her life, as i pray other blessings are for my kids.  I know I am impacted every day by my own number of 'little moments" with my father.  I hope my children see not just a man who went away mornings running, but was a man who loved deeply, took joy in his body's ability to endure and took good care of  his family through prayer and pursuing new goals.  Most of all that I was a man deeply in love with Jesus, his wife, his family and life.  Hey that rhymed!

Here are a few more pictures from my Black Sage road route.  I  love to take it all in as I run and talk to my Maker. 

As you can tell, Im sounding a bit more spiritually connected in this blog entry, but I dont apologize, my heart is really thankful for each blessing and I am trying to make a point of counting them lately.  When life is challenging, scripture says to be thankful for each blessing, to see yourself as a beloved child, to be a thankful steward of your gifts and to ask for provision.  I am surrounded by such a terrific life really!  I have always been in fairly good health, moreso now that i have been passionately pursuing a fit life, a wondering family with a loving funny beautiful wife, three amazing children, a new beautiful dream home, a career (until this point!) which expresses my gifting and passions, friends who love me and support me, and each moment I live I can see God's good hand in my life.
More to come on that, I have to get ready for my day.


Bob (Downtown Runner) said...

Hi Chad.

I've been reading your running blog for quite a while but hadn't picked up the spiritual side of you. So I just looked deeper and saw your other blogs. Discovered we not only have running in common (see www.downtown-runner.com), but a love of photography (see www.selectedpixels.com), a love for our families, and a love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

I'm encouraged by the way you are working through some difficult times, clinging to the Lord as you do.

Take care and God bless.



Chad said...

Thanks so much Bob! i did not know that about you either!
I have walked with God for about 20 years now. Intimately for about 10 years, although that is a long story!
I just hope people find hope and rest and peace as I get to know them through the Spirit that lives in me. he has set me on good paths and released me from so much!.

Kenley said...

This is so awesome Chad. Great to have your children interested in those things that you do. A few months ago, I put away my mp3 player on my runs. I use my long run especially to spend time with God, for he is with us always and every where. When I get tired I imagine God running right there beside me telling me to keep going and to not give up the fight. Thank you for NOT apoligizing. I wish that you and more others would include such Godly posts in their blogs as well. Thanks for being an inspiration and a Blessing Brother in Christ. May God continue to bless you and your family. I will also keep you in my prayers as far as your ITB band.

Chad said...

hey thanks Kenley! Im not really writing to make a stand or anything, moreso, its stuff i would say face to face over coffee! So encouraging to hear it is connecting with you.
I had a wild monday/tuesday this week. A major God moment. I think I may blog about it on my other blog. :D