June 19, 2009


Yes, i am going to see Coldplay on Fathers Day weekend, and my plan is to run this majestic route. Cant wait! I will be going early morning, hopefully it will be a bit misty.

Ill post pictures of the trip when I get back, for sure!

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Chad said...

Well, I just got back last nite. Great trip. Went on my run, and it was fantastic. 19 km of sea wall, and it rained just enough to make it fun on the second half. I was looking for that moment, and I found it. That moment is for me to just run for the joy of it, to feel God's pleasure in my spirit because I am doing what I am made to do. I feel this when I am "running stuff out" of my heart. You know, when life is hard and all I feel like doing is listening to my ipod, running intensely, and going into my secret place of groaning. It is your hide-away. It is your place of refuge and I get to bang out my thoughts and feelings. Love that.