June 17, 2009

Jan 1, 2008 - a runner - not a jogger - is born

Okay, so I like the idea of blogging, but am never sure what I could continue to write about. Then I am realizing, how writing about what I love, what I am passionate about, is the best chance that I will continue to update it.

I have not been a self- proclaimed athelete, but have always tried to be active. I did the gym 'beef-up ' thing, played a little b-ball and v-ball and soccer growing up. These all came and went for good reasons.

It had been almost 8 years since I had been physically active. I have jogged on and off my whole life, but it wasnt until Jan 1, 2008 when I realized my dream of being a bonified 'runner' was embarking.
I was at 201 lbs. I am 5'9", so that on a BMI scale was considered nearly obese! Obese!!? Flashes of my health going easily where I dreaded suddenly solidified all the daydreams of me running with abandon as I had done my whole life. It was no longer an option for me; I was about to begin a very personal journey. My father passed away suddenly at age 54 due to a mysterious heart attack right after a run. He had adult-onset diabetes, and had bought himself 9 years by getting the weight that had crept up on him in his adult life in control. This flash of fear in me made me realize how easy and sneakily my health issues were coming just as they had for my father, whom I miss everyday, as do all the peopple who knew him.

So out on the road I began, with a good friend who was already on the road to running regularly to encourage me. I started a regiment of nutrition overhauling, regular treks into the neighbourhood panting and wheezing and sweating all the way. It was tough to get into gear! From "couch potato, consume whatever was in front of my face" to "today no nachos - tomorrow the WORLD!" mentality.

Here I sit, a year and a half later, currently weighing in around 155 pounds, my more sane Body Mass Index intact, and I really want to put out my thoughts on this journey. I have learned a lot, reflected a lot, pushed through a lot, and achieved a lot. I am a runner.


Kenley said...

Hey Chad,

Thought I would start from your beginning. Had some time today so I'm catching up on some reading. Great Choice to do the running thing. I am excited to know I have lost 30 pounds this year and have 25 more to go or more or whatever. Anyways, I love your witty posts and have a good one.

Chad said...

Thanks, Kenley.
I am inspired to hear other peoples journey too. I love this venue to express our passions through written blogs! Cheers!