October 05, 2009

One Foot In Front Of The Other

8 km todayStill Tapering.  The 1/2 marathon is in 6 days, and I have battled nervous thoughts lately.  I started the day with a pounding headache, which made for a terrible feeling run.  A severe cold is going around.  Yikes!  Excruciatingly slow run for me, an average time of about 5 minute km.  But that is where my complaining stops.  Watch this, I found it very encouraging and inspiring.  Eddie Iz Running . He is not a typical runner in the way of body, habit or anything but he faces a challenge I couldn't imagine.  A marathon a day!
What I see in me now is the will to keep going.  I have had a very difficult year personally.  Sometimes running is all I have had to keep me sane and healthy, and it turns into a deep prayer, a place to commune, to intercede.  Not everyone gets this, but I have been supported immensely in key ways but those that matter most.  Namely my beautiful wife who has been my cheerleader, my friend Jeremy, and a handful of others who I realize were engaging this part of my life.
So with every heavy footstep, I am thankful.  I am grateful for this day, for this step, for this road for this life.  I will get through the hard runs, have fast ones, slow ones, heavy and light ones.  What is important is that I keep finding joy in the moment, engage my spirit and praise God every time I draw a breath.  This is good.  As for the hard times, they too will pass, and like a good taper, I will heal and keep running that good race to the end.

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