October 08, 2009

Half Marathon , A Personal Milestone

3-2-1Go.  My count down is on for the first longer race I will have ever competed this Sunday.  Am I nervous?  Yes!  I'm getting butterflies.  But like anything, I am prepared and I am excited to see what comes out of it.  Although I have had some very slow times lately, I know that there is lots to pour out on race day.  The race is in Kelowna, 1.5 hours away, so it is not a terribly far place to go.
What I am most nervous of is getting in my head too much, letting the race become more about other people than about me.  It is my nature to back off of competition and let others battle it out.  THis is good for me, I keep telling myself.  I am a champion!  I am on FIRE!  Mentally, I will need to get in the game by mapping out the distance and my goal times to keep me on track and out of the turmoil around me, as it will all be nw, from the aid stations to the crowds to the intimiation of the other athletes who obviously dressed better than I.
I am nervous also of the weather's sudden drop in morning temperature, which is approaching freezing levels here.  This makes for a different cardio for me. 
I am also wondering if me not doing my longer runs in the last three weeks as I taper will throw me off my ingrained pace.  This concerns me as I have had terrible slows runs as of late.  I have two runs left this week that will be short but zippy.  Hopefully this will boost my confidence for the big day!


teresa said...

It's always intimidating when these people start doing these leaps and sprints and other weird warm-up things right in front of everyone else. They had better be good to be putting on a show like that. You won't catch ME doing that sort of warm-up in front of a crowd! It's all so intense. Hope it goes awesome for you!

Chad said...

Thanks Teresa!
I was so overwhelmed at the start, I seeded really badly. Lost a good two minutes just getting through the start line.
I also got really lfustered with my ipod, which ended up freezing so I couldnt use it anyhow. Lessons learned!