October 10, 2009


AHHHHHH...A little voice told me to go to the hospital today.  Okay, it was not a little voice, I know it was God.  Anyhow, with all my cruddy times and lack of motivation or energy, I felt it would be prudent to check out my lungs.  It has been so long since I have had to even think about them, so my asthma has not been forefront on my mind.  Until the trip I took to Silverwood a couple of weekends ago.  That was the beginning of crappy run times, of me needing my inhalor and of frustration.  You see, running has basically eliminated my need for my inhalors.  I am cured, save for a few allergy triggers like dog dander.  This in itself is a miracle.  In fact the lung test the doctor did on me was in his eyes surprizingly strong for the kind of lung inflammation I was experiencing.  I know it s the training, and it makes me smile.
So, long story short, I got my nebulizor, felt FANTASTIC after, in fact, I was so buzzed form the medication that made me better to breath, my wife sent me early with Jeremy, my running bud to the marathon site.  I guess me buzzing hyper diaper around the house, dancing around her and humping her leg was a little much for her.  But honestly, as I said to the doctor, that med should have been given to me the next morning just before my race, cuz I was raring to go.  I was feeling mighty high.  But alas, I will only have intact lungs to get me through the 21 k.  I breath a sigh , a full sigh of releif.


Terri Boschman CityCreations said...

Go Chad GO... You run.

Chad said...

Thanks Terri, I did as i hoped, in good time!