September 03, 2009

Of Short Shorts and Torrential Rain

Flash Flood! I went on my 10 k today, it was nice weather, overcast, but not too cold. I was trying my new shorts out. Now let me tell you, I ordered these running shorts from an online store. What I knew was they were short. I was not expecting this short though. I bought them because it was them, which showed more leg, or it was compression shorts which showed my bits n pieces. Lesser evil? Well I am not one to be too carried away with how I look, but it is a new game when this type of short is introduced to me. I took one look and laughed. This is new. These shorts are short! The reason for them was simple. Lack of chaffing, freedom of mobility for my long runs. Also these were about $ 20-30 less expensive than compression shorts, so they won out. On e day I'll maybe wear BOTH together and then I'll be done with it. When I'm rich.

So I took off on my run today, new short shorts on, feeling a new found leg freedom. It was actually a great sensation. Like running around in your underwear or something. On my 7th km, a saw a rain storm coming. What i didnt see coming, was the flash HAIL storm, and then buckets of water that would drench me within 1 minute flat, so much so that my shoes became instantly heavy with water. The hail actually stung a bit, and all I could do is laugh. It will become a metaphor in my life. You can't predict the storm, maybe you can somewhat prepare, but all in all, it is just something I need to eventually laugh about. I am thankful I only had 13 more minutes of running after that flash flood to get home. I am also ironically thankful for my new short shorts, which did NOT chaff on my legs, unlike the other shorts I have which would cover more leg and rub me raw. And I might add, I can now say I look officially like a serious runner, and you WILL NOT catch me in the supermarket with these babies on. You just won't , so don't ask.


teresa said...

The less clothes, the better, within the realms of decency, is the way to go. I hate that claustrophobic feeling of wearing too many layers. Makes me panicky. Better to be cold and run faster.

Chad said...

Thanks for the support, Teresa. I must say, my beautiful wife called them 'silly' today. Her exact words "ya, you might want to shower and take those silly clothes off". Non runners are so mean.