August 07, 2009


Lettingmy heart bleed out during my run this week, I realized that I love running for another reason. Putting my body into action, into meditative action and rhythmic endurance, draws out my most base feelings. I speak about this from this week's runs here in glorious Victoria, B.C.. Here I vacation. With friends we stay. With my friend, we run. Jeremy and I chat, and my difficult year comes into conversation during one evening's 10 k. As I share about it, I realize running has lowered my defenses, and allowed me to just sweat and cry and beat out grief. I am fortunate to not care about this with my friend, bless him. I urge us on as my anger and angst intensifies and I run harder into that feeling. Glorious.

By the way, Victoria, she loveth me. :P

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