August 01, 2009


After threeweeks of healing, my muscles have been feeing that "I'm ready to get back to work" feeling. The injury seems to have gotten healed to the point of being able to run on it again. I tried to hold back a bit for my first run back. It was only slightly tight in my right glute. So happy to be back running. It was euphoric, to say the least. 8 km was where I capped myself, just to be safe. Since then I ran a 10 k an i am hoping to do 18 km for my longer run tomorrow. I as going to go today, but I have a lost of things to get done as we are leaving for vacation this week, and felt being in the car all day tomorrow will be reason to do a long run. I am also laying down patio bricks at my mothers and feel the amount of leg and glute strain is enough for today and yesterday.

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