July 06, 2009

Man Down Man Down!

Well I did it again. Got an injury that will require some time off from running for a few days. I was on my long run on Sunday morning, pushing to 24 km, felt great, but had a bit of a tender Piriformis (now I can see clearly that this was what I was feeling, I wasn't sure if it wa because i spilled on my bike). By the time I got back, it hadn't gone away. Should not have run on it like that, now it is inflamed and painful to walk on.
I know the stretches, to apply cold and feed my body with protein and other nutrients to heal quickly. I hate this, though as it was preventable. This is the second bout of this injury I have had, both this year.
I have also developed ITB syndrome, which as not as painful, but made me back off my mileage and find new ways to contort to heal.
Injuries are now plaguing me, but I certainly need to take care when the need arises, or it will be longer term issues, which I cant afford in my running.

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