July 10, 2009

Getting Better

Well, its been a week nearly since I have taking a break from running to get my piriformus back in working order. I have stretched, went to the chiropractor, and iced my butt. I am feeling improvement and hope to hit the road again soon. I really do feel like something is missing, mornings aren't quite the same with out my runs.
I still feel sore when I let my hip on the right side drop. I think I might be investing in a foam roller I keep reading about online. They seem to be really helpful. I used a frozen water bottle yesterday to get some massage on the right places.
My goal this fall is the Kelowna Marathon. 42 km right now seems intriguing, although intimidating. I respect that distance. WIll I enjoy it? Will it be misery? So far I love pushing my long runs. I know I am a sicko. But I feel really alive and empowered on that kind of run, excited to see how much I can do.
Hopefully I will have healed up enough to get on that training ASAP.
I'm going to Victoria this summer, so a long run seems immanent. :)

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keegan said...

good for you chad- hope you reach your goal of the Kelowna marathon!