June 27, 2009

Trying Out Gu

I went for my long run this morning, 21 k. Finished in 1:51:09. I have the hydration down pat now, using a skookum "fuel Belt" product. I started doing this ofter my run got long enough that I felt very bad after I topped 20 k, my arms went a bit numb! I realized that it was dehydration, and that I should be bringing something with me. Turns out after 1 hour, its wise to replenish your fluids, especially if you are like me and are "salted" after a run.

My next stage was to take the plunge into mid-run nourishment. I just feel my performance could improve if I was thinking about how my body is fueling a bit more aggressively. I am frugal in nature, so I brought raisins, chocolate, anything sweet that I had on hand in the house. These are problematic, as getting them warm and soggy is gross. So I dropped by my local running store and picked it up.

I felt so great after eating a vanilla flavored approaching my 10 kilometer. First of all, eating candy during excercise is just UNTHINKABLE! hat a reward. And it tasted like sweetened condensed milk, with if you ask Pam my lovely wife, is a very big celebration, I could just eat a whole can of the stuff on a good day. It had caffeine in it too. I really felt acute to get the second half in with all my gusto, so I like the stuff. I don't think I will use it every time, but I surely appreciate the need for supplementing when going long and hard.

I felt by kilometer 15, my right hip getting sore, but otherwise, I felt a the top of the world.

What gels. packs, juices do you treasure on your longer runs? Let me know!

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