February 08, 2013

Shakin It Up

To feelInspired I need to change up my routine.  Obligation is killer to me.  I will begrudgingly wake up, go through the motions, but it will eventually make me resent what I am doing.  For me the cure is a simple shake up.  Always running one distance?  Change it.  Always the same days?  Change that too.  Right now I am running 2-3 5 km runs in a row during the work week and then the longer ones on the weekends (10-12 k twice).  My shake up?  I have changed my winter running routes and kept my runs shorter for easy digestion.  I need a certain km per week for my own plan to keep fit and be ready for the day light hours.  Over all this has worked for the last few months to keep my head in the game!  I am also changing my eating habits, less snacking in the evening, more herbal teas.  Less wine too.  Change is the constant in life, it helps one adapt and puts a new perspective on life so it must keep my running fresh.
You may have noticed I am not blogging as often either.  This is also my shakeup!  Less to say, so when I say, I mean it!  Happy running everyone!


Kenley said...

Hey man, glad to hear from you. Hope that your shake up goes well for you. I was wondering what happened to you? You take care and I dont think for those kinds of runs, you need to worry too much on hydration.

Chad said...

Hey Kenley! I have been suffering from Mastersdegreeitis :P I will be posting still but studies are asking for more of my time and energy. I continue to run and will be blogging still.