January 01, 2012

Eating For Fuel

Resolution: eat healthierHappy new year y'all!If you are just starting a new way of living your life which includes exercise and a change of any sort to alter your body, this short blog might help.  Working towards a goal of healthy living is a bigger challenge than what a "diet" entails.  It is longer term, holistic change. 
I have needed to look at my body as a machine which consumes fuel.  I expend energy requiring fuel!  When exercise is engaged, more fuel is consumed.  When I look at food in this manner, my consumption needs to be proportionate to how I expend.  Calories in, calories out.  Think about it this way: if breathing made you fat, people would try to stop breathing.  THis is not possible.  It may last for a minute or two, but you need to breath, and when you start breathing again, it will be to compenate for the stupid attempt by being "out of breath".  Dieting is the same.  We need to consume fuel.  There is no bad or good in food in this light, just as there is no bad or good Oxygen.
WOrking toward a more efficient and balanced body takes discipline.  Moderating our intake and output wil be a part of this process, but it is long term and gradual.  Start today, start small.  Create an overarching plan that is trackable!  Find joy in the changes, and try to avoid "holding your breath".  Cleanses and fads will come and go, but fitness and healthier living is long term!
Enjoy your new process!


Michelle said...

I agree with you except for where you mention cleanses. Cleansing, in my experience, is an excellent addition to a healthy lifestyle. Cleansing isn't for weight loss; it's for... well, cleansing. If your usual healthy life doesn't include things like alcohol, caffeine, medicines, heavy metals (from fish), pesticides (from non-organic produce) etc. then cleansing is entirely unnecessary. But I think you can have a reasonable diet and lifestyle and still be putting "less optimal" stuff into the body... this is the reason for the cleanse.

pam said...
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Chad said...

SOrry I should have clarified, "cleanses" where the purpose is to lose significant weight is what I refer to. You are right!

Stan said...

hi Chad. good entry...thanks for publishing. i wrote something similar a few months ago that you and your readers might find interesting.




Chad said...

Hey Stan Thanks for the heads up ill check it out!

Kenley said...

Hello, and Happy New Years to you Chad. Thanks for sharing the analogy on the breathe and all. I never thought of the process that way. I have adapted eat often, and little approach. and sensible. Im working on it. lol.