May 06, 2010

Rain Run = Bad Ass HERO

Rain makes me feel like Im really committed, like I am able to run faster, and that somehow I can imagine myself as a hero of some adventure.  I love the way rain drips off my cap, how wet my clothing gets, and also how much less wind there usually is during an nice constant downpour.  Trail runs are better for this feeling.  No other weather makes me feel this way. 


Kenley said...

Very true on the trail thing with rain. The trees seem to take the blow of the down pour, and amplifies the sound of the rain. It causes a very unique running experience. Another cool thing to run is is fog. Take care Chad.

Chad said...

FOg Rocks. So does a gentle firt snow. :D I like a warm clear sunny blue sky morning with the sun rising too.

Anne said...

Just saw your March comment on my blog about asthma...and after reading your post, I totally agree that since I started running, I am not as aware that I'm not doing I really have to do my peak flow morning and night, because then I can gage better how I'm doing.
I love how good running has been for me!!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Chad said...

THanks Anne for that , and for dropping by. Asthma is an inceasing concern because of pollution too, so its important to keep that on the forfront of our collective minds, that people probably have unmanaged asthma!