December 11, 2009

Running as a Social Lubricant

Are you like me?as I promised to look back on the last 2 years of running, one thing has been a bonus that I never really counted on initially.  THis is the matter of having a point of interest and passion to launch off of socailly that I never have used before.  What I mean is, I have been able to talk to people about a common passion in running both at work, at social get-togethers, at church, and obviously, online!  This came over time as I realized I now held something in common with many teachers at work, with students I work with, with friends and soon-to-be-friends.  Having a learning curb about the discipline, science and lingo of long distance running has certainly given me more to interact about with those I normally would not have much to say to!
You see, I am actually a bit shy, but I cover up with humor and sticking to topics I know something a little about.  Running has branched me out.  Sports I have observed, tend to do this. For example, I have a colleague whom on a working level I have always gotten along with, however, I knew that they were into triathlons, which was to me just a foreign and alien topic to talk about.  My face was like many others I am sure who say, "oh you run?....uh... Good for you!  Wow, I could never do that" and then a change of topic was in order.  Now, however I may ask about their experience, for advice on pre-race prep, use the terms like PRs, ITBS, and about gear with much more informed and experienced know-how.  Also sharing recent war stories (like this morning's encounter with a dog  who tripped me and its owner whom I told off) in my mind helps me be a great ambassador for running.  Sort of like, "if this Forrest Gump can do it, and laugh at themselves, then anyone can, maybe even me!"


Terri Boschman CityCreations said...

This For-ast can do it to. Maybe slower then most others but none the less I can do it!! :) That makes me happy!

Thanks for sharing.

EZEthan said...

I've definitely found that there's a pretty strong sense of community among runners... I guess we all share the secret that strenuous exercise is not merely torture; it's FUN torture!!!

Chad said...

I determine a runner by their tenacity of spirit, not their speediness. YOU HEAR THAT JER???? TENACITY!!!
Thanks Terri, you rock!

Chad said...

EZEthan, fun torture... huh so thats what makes people's faces screw up in confusion when they learn you run. It is like having a good sickness then!
Ill tell ya, its not about speed lately for me, pretty slow goin. Took me just under an hour for a 10 k this morning, much of it to do with the sub zero- icicle forming on my soul patch weather and the incredible darkness of hour at 6 am. Now that is a bit torturous. I did not feel like getting out of bed!

Kenley said...

Great Post Chad! Just like two computer programmers talking, two runners talking about things can be very insightful. You can learn from each other, and give one another support, and whip out running jargon. It helps, but when speaking to non-running people that don't share your interest can be dull so you are right in that a subject change is executed. I promised myself not to make my comments long any more. lol. Have a good one. (Its nice reading posts that make you think)

Chad said...

WEll Thanks Kenley!
I went for a run this morning early and glad I did because if I had waited it would have been in the snow! IT was pretty dark though.

Darrell said...

Yours is a very keen observation. I've met some great folks via running, locally and all over the country. And through the running blogs I've met even more people, some sure to be life long friends. I think besides the obvious connection, running can give you confidence in other areas of your life as well.

Chad said...

Well said!
I agree, it has for certain connected and deepened relationships, I have a running friend that has been on runs with me in very difficult times, and our talks often are very honest and raw! The long run can do that to you!
Endurance training by nature compels a person to push their limits and find out what you are made of. Like people pursuing like things can get to know themselves and their friends a lot better supportively for sure!