December 07, 2009

Frosty Run

Frozen Solidtoday, this morning's run was a really good one, but I felt slow.  I actually like this frigid weather.  Not so much the dark mornings, so I need to stick to the highways around my place to keep well-lit.

As long as I have extra, er, insulation 'down there' as I tend to feel the chill there first, I like getting out into such cold weather, especially when it snows.  I think because parto f me feels so hard core!
It is miserable to have wind against you though!
I feel that I am thoroughly prepared this winter for cold though.  What about you?  What are your must haves in cold weather to make things more bearable?  Share and I will probably think about getting that item.  Has anyone used hot paws or a toque with ear buds in them?  Electric socks?  What are the ultimate trend in stock stuffers for the runner this year?
Things I need for cold weather:
  • toque/beany
  • gloves
  • wind resistant pants/underwear
  • highly visible breaker
  • thermal long sleeved shirt that wicks
  • hot shower afterwards
  • a dream of a future hot tub


Kenley said...

I have to admit that I have been a wimp and seeking refuge at the local gym. lol. I tried getting out the other day, and I was OK except my legs were weirdly frozen shut. Could it have been the cold? Dunno, I have never done the cold before. I definitely need some cold weather advise. This Thursday, I am picking up some gloves. Do runners wear thermals? Crap, I really want to get out there in the cold too, but don't want to be unsafe and get frostbitten. I guess I need everything including gear and advise. lol Great Post. May your next run have you feeling faster. BTW, i like the hot tub idea. Also, just got done laughing my butt off. If you have Runners World Subscription, check out Jan 2010 issue page 78 on the top.

Chad said...

make sure you are all geared up and you will be fine. I'd protect your nether regions if its cold enough and especially if there is wind. Ill check that runners world out for sure thanks!

Darrell said...

Sorry not much help from down here. My cold at 40F is your almost warm! I'm not so sure I could handle the bitter cold. Some hot cocoa afterward would be nice, maybe while soaking in the hot tub.

Chad said...

Now you are talking, Darrell!
That is it. I need a hot tub ASAP.