August 07, 2013

Naked Running

I read a lotof tweets, facebook statuses and blogs regarding running.  Those who have seriously changed their lives with a physical activity buy in completely:  its a part of the process.  In order to make real change, we often need to buy in hook line and sinker to a new way of living, a new way of thinking.  Often the new way is taken to extremes, becomes religious and fanatical!  I am in a different place than when I started.  This place is going for more runs with no devices on my body: aka running "naked".  I am going bak to the simplicity of running to enjoy moment by moment the experience of my heart pumping, my breath rhythmic and my mind wandering.  I push at times and go very slow others.  I am not training for a race this year.
Some people tweet that running is their whole life.  It is not my whole life.  It is an important part of self care for me.  It is not the only part.  I love running at times and I have moments of ugh.  Freeing myself from that which is overtaking my passion for life is important.  Devices are sometimes distractions from this passion, a pressure builder for more output, which I already have enough of.
So, enjoy your run.  Take care of yourself.  Unplug once in a while.  Dont worry if your passion is waining in the process.  Find those moments of enjoyment, access your inner passion.  
I work towards overall health, and until my body can no longer do it I will keep on running.


Johann said...

Nice post! I often run naked and love it! Running is a huge part of my life and I've been running races for 32 years now. Still, it is, as you say, only a part of my life.

RunnerDude said...

We use to have a clothing optional run here at the Bar S Ranch...a nudist camp. LOL! That's taking your "naked" to the extreme! :-)

RunnerDude said...

Here as in the county in which I live. Not at RunnerDude's Fitness. LOL!

Chad said...

WOW! I am not sure we are supposed to see all that jiggling RD! Can you imagine?

Majid Vijah said...
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