March 03, 2010

Running Good For Your Knees!!

In an article I read today I was thrilled to see that science is proving wrong the warning that somehow knees will become injured because of over use and wear and tear.  Knees isn fact through the studies cited were giving the opposite, that it will make ones knees stronger and keep them limber. 
Personally since losing weight I have had no problems with my knees, only injury to my hips, buttocks and ITB.  All not permanent.  I have had less foot pain as well, since I carry less weight around for my feet to carry.
Does this ring true to you runners out there? 


Ewen said...

I agree with that. I've been running for almost 30 years and the knees are fine. Speedygeoff about 50 years and he's the same.

Kenley said...

My left knee use to really bother me, but I started doing some leg strengthening exercises, and no more knee pain. I believe that I had a muscle imbalance. Other than that, my joints feel fine. I often talk to NON runners that excuse themselves from running by the "that's bad for the knees" cry, but yet, they don't even exercise to begin with. I have never met a runner with knee problems. Take care.

Chad said...

Yes, there is a difference between wear and tear muscle issues and cartilage wear down. Most ACL issues are from sports that require sharp changes in direction, like soccer, football, tennis, etc. I was pretty worried each time I would develop an injury until I realized that there is a difference between a temporary injury and a cartilage wear down or ACL issues.