February 12, 2010

No Magic, Just Run, let it Become What It Will Today

Running first thingthis morning, without music in the pitch black, I realized that as many things, my reasons for this morning's run has changed, and has been changing.  In fact, the reasons either grow or they shift over the time since I started.  Today, I ran 10 k(ish) and it was slow.  My mind drifted to family issues, work stuff, my body, praying about nothing, and music was running through my head.  By km 5, I made a realization.  I was running for different reasons than I use to.  Perhaps its that it has become less an option, more of a staple, but my run was purely for getting ready for my day today.  Like washing or brushing my teeth or eating.  
This has little to do with bigger goals, we all need those and they stay pretty consistent day to day, but it was more about the immediate reason to get out of bed, to put on my gear and get out the door.  Today was not my greatest run, I ran it in just under an hour, which is deadly slow.  I have a feeling it is my asthma from a dog I was around that triggered my chest to be irritated.  Slow going.  But the run was solid.  
This was not a throw away run.  It was what it was, and that was just fine with me. 


Terri Boschman CityCreations said...

Sometimes we just need to take what we get and do. Something profound in that. To be okay with just 'being' or just 'running'. It can't always be about the goal and beating it. That can get frustrating and trying.

I liked this write up Chad keep on keeping on :)

Chad said...

Thanks Terri. Hey I hear you got shoved by an old lady today at the Olympics. :D Living the dream eh?
People, this is my good friend Terri, I have run the Sea Wall from her place right near the Olympics Opening Ceremonies in Yaletown!
What a great time!
Im thinking I will blog about how inspiring it is to have the Olympics right in our back yard.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this post. I've always been a "type A" runner who found it hard to slow down. To just enjoy being out there no matter the pace or surroundings.

But over the last 6 months that is slowly changing. I've finally learned to relax and not be thinking about how much further I have to go or how fast I can get there. I'd don't always feel a need to get it over with.

Keep up the insightful blogging!

Chad said...

Thanks so much Bob. I realize how shifty our reward system truly is, which is a big encouragement. I like doing things for different reasons on different days, which creates both avriety and a sense of anticipation.