January 19, 2010

Mid Week Winter Run Routine

Not sure what is normalout there, but I have gotten use to winter early morning runs in a way.  For Christmas I got a headlamp from Santa, so my routine has taken a couple of turns as barriers were removed! To be honest, I have allowed myself to sleep longer occasionally because in the past two winteres, I had moved my running to after work, but this was inconvenient and took away from my family time. 

*Night Before: Lay out running gear so as not to disturb my lovely sleeping beauty bride when I am looking in the dark for those STUPID TIGHTS.*

Wearing: Thermal running tights, compression Tshirt, pull over wicking sweatshirt, marathon illuminating jacket, gloves, shoes  and skull cap, headlamp.

5:30 (or 6 am depending on my schedule) - alarm goes off, turn it off, will myself to get up. "GET UP GET UP IDIOT, GO RUNNING!"

5:35 - make a quick pot of coffee, visit the bathroom
5:36 - get dressed whilst playing a couple turns of Facebook Scrabble, checking email
5:38 - pour elixer of life into my groggy brain.  Wait for effect which is immediate and amazing, play another scrabble turn.  Think about the run, make adjustments to length if weather or time is an issue.
5:40 - Step out of door and on my run for ususally 10 k - 14 k.

7 am-ish arrive home and jump into morning pre-work routine

Now, this is all good if it all goes as planned, but often somethings been washed, moved or tampered with in some way to make me run around looking for items.  You may notice I did not mention my beloved IPOD.  Well, i have given up for the most part bringing this item with me, it was just too finicky for the trouble of all I am wearing and the cold often makes the battery die quickly.  So no music, which is okay considering I am blind with darkness the whole run, so who needs to be deaf too! I run my shorter runs on an empty stomach, only coffee keeps me energized then.
So how abnormal am I?  Anyone have a similar routine??


Kenley said...

My morning runs are done before noon, not at 6am. So I don't have to worry about an alarm. My work schedule is weird. 3pm - 4-5am the next day so I am getting off work, when you get up for your run. I have to have my coffee from my Keurig Coffee Machine. It is my Go Juice. Great Read. Keep it up.

Chad said...

HEy, Kenley,
WOw what a crazy upside down schedule! Hope you get good breaks!
THis morning it took me 20 minutes to find my headlamp! An example of 530 am stupidity, it was right where I first looked, as usual.

Christian said...

10 minutes and out the door. That is impressive. I've never been able to get in the habit of morning runs. I would be so nice to get it out of the way though...

My routine is to run a couple nights during the working week. Then longer runs on weekend mornings.

Chad said...

Hey Christian, welcome to my blog! Thanks for dropping by. I had a hispanic coworker train me to be a monring person. I WAS NOT one until she twisted my arm to say pleasant things and put my gme on. A love for the morning ensued. Mornings are also beautiful as the sun comes up, in my mind at least. I am more prone personally to skip a run in the middle of the day or later in the eve as family calls.
I am glad to hear you are able to get it done then!

Ewen said...

That's pretty normal Chad. I once did runs at 4.30am with a headlamp before realising that was a good time for sleeping.

Running on trails in winter at night with the headlamp is fun -- if you don't fall over too much ;)

Chad said...

Hey Ewen, thanks for weighing in!
430 is pretty extreme! I am pretty tired in the evening if i gather myself for 530.
My only fear is coming across some creature in the middle of the dark trail (we have bike trails along a canal where i run). I think that would unsettle me if I came across one, just fo rhe darkness of it all!